The Yolo Boyz Make Noyz Vol. 1

by The Yolo Boyz

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The Yolo Boyz Make Noyz Volume 1 is, in short, the first full-length effort to be released publicly by The Yolo Boyz. The album, unlike some of their other works, features all of the bands members; but only on certain tracks (tracks 1-6 and 8 do not host the full line up). The album has been a conceptual and artistic idea since its first recording session in November of 2014; all members contributing lyrics, ideas and concepts. We are beyond proud to make this effort public to you.

-TYB xoxox

Contact info:
Email us at - we will write back!
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Very limited Tape pressings coming soon!


released February 14, 2016

Tracks 1 and 2 recorded on 11/15/2014.
Tracks 3 through 5 recorded on 11/9/2015.
The rest of the tracks were recorded on 1/22/2016.

All tracks recorded onto a consumer Tape Deck, in Klaus' basement. The last track, "Interlude To Nowhere" is a planned and digitally recorded collage.

Personnel (alphabetical):
Burk Bevlin - Bass, Vocals on Track 10
Dirke Bevlin - Guitar
Kirk Bevlin - Drums
Rocey Diver - Bass
Cole R. Feprulo - Guitar, Vocals, Sampling
Goei Mqarsz - Horns, Percussion
Klaus Balthasar Tablehe - Guitar, Vocals, Sampling
Ian. - Sound Production

Manager: Brandon Tischer

There are exemptions to these credits, check each track for specific details.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


The Yolo Boyz Janesville, Minnesota

The Yolo Boyz are a noise rock band from Janesville, MN. Formed in November of 2014 when Cole R. Feprulo jammed with Klaus Balthasar Tablehe, The Yolo Boyz are the inventors of their unique genre Feedback Rock and hope to become the ultimate expressway to yr. skull. Enjoy all of our endeavors. ... more

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Track Name: The Meaning Of Life, The Universe, And Everything Else
Live in a box
Full of cocks
Chickens galore
Mighty big gore

God is life
God is cock
Spend all life
Live in box
Track Name: Fist Fuck

(I'm bulimic just watch) x3
Track Name: Johnny
lyrics by cole

The hit and run happened over there
Johnny is thinking of running into oncoming traffic tomorrow
Johnny ran swiftly towards the highway
Johnny could run more quickly than I.
Johnny is a very weak man
Track Name: A Bullfrog's Worst Nightmare
lyrics written by klaus

Hello Females and Males Whom occupy the same general realm of existence as I, I have Come to you to tell you an amazing story of my youth:

I used to frequent an establishment by the name of ‘Santiago’s Den,’
Within the establishment lied a fundamental key towards understanding our existence, A local Newspaper called the establishment ‘Quite the place if you need Uranium 235,’ This report was not far from describing the atmosphere of the location, Once during a visit of mine, a man stopped me to inquire about the location of the Uranium 235, In which i replied with bemused contempt and utter confusion, This displeased the man, he then tried to heist me of my currency and possessions, In which i responded by violently ripping out his heart and consuming it, Santiago’s den erupted into a scene of violence, confusion and public nudity, Meanwhile, the outside of the establishment was surrounded by the local Schutzstaffel, Whom got out their grade a firearms, planning to clear the den of violent activities,
The armed men entered, shooting all those in which they encountered,
A Local Newspaper called the situation ‘A Nightmare for Yellow Cake Uranium Addicts,’ Santiago, the owner of the establishment, was arrested for kidnapping Senior Citizens, The Establishment then was closed, but reopened 3 years later, due to much public interest, Santiago finally payed off his bail and opened ‘Santiago’s Den, Mark 2,’ A fitting name,
A Local Newspaper commented saying ‘This rubs my nipples in the right ways, Please and thank You,’ This plunged the local populace into a state of anticipation for the new and improved establishment, Many flocked in human herds to the Den, the establishment did rub their nipples in Right Ways, Causing many to call the establishment, ‘The 2nd Best thing to occur to Human Civilization;’ The First being the discovery of the much sought after uranium 235 and its illicit distribution, I however, did not have my nipples rubbed in sufficient ways by the new found establishment,
So Whilst walking to my residence, I tried to ponder to derail my vast disappointment, Whilst roaming the urban streets and thinking deeply, I started to ask myself questions, I wondered about a question that had plagued our collective conscious for a long time,
‘What is a Bullfrog’s worst fathomable nightmare?’
This Inquiry lead me down a path of studying this topic obsessively for 42 years, and after my wifes death, A fourth world war, and my 28 children committing mass suicide, Most likely due to their fathers mass neglect towards them and obsession over his seemingly useless inquiry, I have finally come to a coherent conclusion that the answer to my question,
‘What is a Bullfrog’s worst fathomable nightmare?’ is indeed nothing, for that bullfrogs fail to experience nightmares. . .
A Local Newspaper called my discovery ‘An event that has resonated with us all and finally closed in on our most pondered question that we wondered since we were hunters and gatherers...’
I truly hope this tale has rubbed your nipples in the right ways and inspired you to join the military.
Track Name: Smelling It
Smell it
anus chewing

vroierienviore beipr ripvnwpvnie r !!!!
Track Name: Ing
lyrics by cole

Guitar string
String sing
Bee sting
Jimi thing
Search bing
Bell ring
Burger King
Track Name: Blowing A Chipmunk
lyrics by cole

Markers, Glue, Paper,
Winners, Losers, Haters,
Feelings, Emotions, Skunks,
While I Was Blowing A Chipmunk

Seventeen, Sixteen, Fifteen,
Fourteen, Thirteen, My Ween.
Shorts, Pants And Funk,
While I was Blowing A Chipmunk

Fat, Skinny, Middle.
Chicken, Cat, Fiddle.
Simple, Hard, Crunk,
While I’m Blowing A Chipmunk

Water, Wind, Coal,
Electric, Kinetic, Old
Dribble, Shoot, Dunk,
While I’m Blowing A Chipmunk

Oil, Flour, Sugar
Blood, Sweat, Boogers
Finding my house while drunk
And I'm blowing a chipmunk

Gays, Straights, Homeless
Triggers, Figures, Boneless
Children In My Trunk
While I was Blowing A Chipmunk

Track Name: Nuns With Guns
lyrics by klaus

hey mother teresa, grab the m16!
hey orphanage nuns, round up the kids and give em shotguns!
we’re gunna be the nuns with guns!
we’re gunna go out and hurt somebody!
we’re gunna go out and shot some fuckin’ lutherans!
we’re gunna be nuns with goddamn guns!
hey mother teresa, grab the grenade launcher!
hey vatican, send some more nuns so we can go out and shoot someone!
we’re gunna have an army of nuns with guns!
our headquarters is gunna be bitchin!
we’re sick of taking shit from some damn lutheran!
build the abbey into a concentration camp,
then those protestants will be sorry!
we’re the nuns with fully automatic guns!
crucifying pagans and getting paid for it!
shooting german lutherans and shit!
give it up to the nuns with guns!
take some orphans and make ‘em little murdering machines!
they’ll have 500 kills under their belt by the time they’re 13,
orphans workin for the nuns with guns!
crucify thousands in front of the vatican, then they’ll all repent!
if you use a condom then i’ll stick a shotgun up your ass!
if you get an abortion i’ll kill your mom, so you’ll feel the pain!
we’ll go to jerusalem and shoot some jews!
we’ll go to palestine and blow up some muslim kids!
build a temple with a mural of jesus fucking you up the ass!
we’re the nuns with grade-a guns!
get a medal of honor from the pope,
then hang some sinners with an electrical rope!
we’re nuns with nooses, we’re nuns with cocaine!
we’re nuns, here to give you pain!
send all your kids to the orphanage,
Turn the little chickenshits into mass murderers!
I’m gunna stick an assault rifle up your dick hole and you’re gunna be fuckin’ pleased about it!
you come within a 25 mile radius of the abbey and we’ll blow you the fuck up!
you come to the vatican and we’ll rape you with a bible and then give it to you for free!
we’re nuns with nuclear bombs!
we’re nuns with guns!
we’re nuns, asshole!
Track Name: Yahtzee With A Nazi
lyrics by cole

yahtzee with a nazi
i’m gonna eat you
roll the dice, maybe thrice
i might even beat
looking real fine
found another dime
try to rhyme
but not this time

yahtzee with a nazi
never felt so nice
yahtzee with a nazi
keep rollin those dice

gonna cum all over
in your head and on my hands
during this game we play
the jews’ll understand
suck a fat cock
lick my little block
fuck you, bitchy sock in box!!!


pull another trick
roll the dice again and again
pooping through you
bully my old friend
the fucking nazis rule
every jew smells of stool
don’t go to school
stay in drugs you fool

(chorus) +
yahtzee with a nazi
the jews will pay the price
yahtzee with a nazi
keep rolling those dice
Track Name: Killing Myself Happily
lyrics by cole and rusty

When peeing bricks
You must be safe
You shouldn't be too happy
Or you might end your days
Happiness kills you
But if it's your friend
Tell it to fuck off
Or it'll well be the end


Killing myself happily
I hung myself tonight
Drowning myself happily
I shot myself tonight

Several days have passed
And I’m getting tired
Come with me bitch
Fuck me, I’m wired
Give it some time
And you’ll be happy too
You’ll then just wanna kill
Probably me and you


Killing myself happily
I hung myself tonight
Drowning myself happily
I shot myself tonight

Freedom at last
The noose has been utilized
Days are getting so quickly shorter
I’d rather be lobotomized
Making pies with rat poison
For all the happy fuckers out there
I hope you choke so I can consume
All the poison fumes in the air


Killing myself happily
I drowned myself tonight
Drowning myself happily
I shot myself tonight

Killing myself happily
I killed myself tonight
Killing myself happily
I hope you kill yourself too
Track Name: Interlude To Nowhere (Mothership)
oh no, here comes the Mothership